As part of my practice I work with Educational Institutions, NGO’s and Communities, by leading art based workshops and projects to promote individual and group awareness on pressing issues on environmental degradation caused through our human actions.

Plastic age 2015. This was a project that focused on educating children about Plastic pollution through Fashion.  I worked with selected Children from this amazing school called Multikids Academy (MKA)for a period of 6 weeks. The project was in four folds. The first phase of this project was for students to research on the effects of plastic pollution, the second phase was for them  to brainstorm on what they wanted to produce and source for used plastic shopping bags, the third phase was to design the wearable dresses, identify their models and train them. The last phase was to exhibit this to the parents, patrons of the school and some special invited guests.

Freedom Tree 2015– In this Era of improved children’s rights and freedom of expression, I also worked with Children of MKA to reflect on the meaning of Freedom. These children had strong opinions on the word freedom, interestingly they finally came up with building a ‘Plastic Bottle Tree’ from used plastic drinking water bottles to help address  issues bordering on water pollution. As water represents life, the free flow of water represent freedom  and this  Freedom supports growth. With this as their preamble, they built a 12ft height freedom tree which they donated to the school.